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Bruce O'Hare, one of the founding partners of Lakeshore Excursions, brings to the team a unique combination of nautical experiences and a background in broadcast sales and marketing , as well as in the hospitality and tourism industries. A keen sailor and avid entrepreneur who also owns and operates the Anchor Inn Hotel on Manitoulin Island in the heart of the North Channel, one of Ontario's prime sailing areas, Bruce has chartered yachts around the Caribbean, cruised the canals of Europe, and sailed most of Great Lakes. Bruce has an intimate knowledge of tourism product in most of Ontario's Great Lakes ports and is well versed in the regulatory environment that impacts the marine tourism industry.

Grant Eccles is no stranger to cruise ships. He spent many years working as a tour director aboard some of the world's most prestigious liners. Grant also has extensive experience as a tour operator and travel retailer, arranging exclusive trips for families, groups and corporations. A high degree of customer service, an ability to solve even the trickiest problems and excellent communications skills are his stock-in-trade.

Beth Graham Eccles is always enthusiastic to greet guests to our tours, a passion fostered throughout her long career in Hospitality. Vast experience in customer service, group facilitation, human resources, and travel translates to an ability to work with individuals at all levels of our operations. Beth is happiest when she is in the thick of the action, working to ensure that guests experience the best our tours have to offer. Beth holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Toronto and a diploma in Tourism. She has travelled extensively in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa and has enjoyed working with people from many cultures and backgrounds.

Mary Ellen Tristram is responsible for the sales efforts of the mutli-functional Destination Management Services. Mary Ellen oversees Lakeshore Excursions successfully fulfillment of program arrangements for the passengers and crew of cruise ships in the Port of Toronto Mary Ellen is an active member of The Toronto Convention and Visitors Association (Tourism Toronto) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). She is also a past President of the Toronto PCMA Chapter. With over 20 years of experience in the events and meetings industry, Mary Ellen is relentless in her pursuit of service excellence.

Michael Erskine, award-winning writer, journalist, actor, guide, hardware/software technical and back office support specialist, Michael brings a renaissance spirit to his association with Lakeshore Excursions. As a journalist and writer he has acquired a deep familiarity with the many and varied cultures which make up the Canadian mosaic. Through Michael's wide range of travel experiences, both domestic and abroad, he has developed a keen understanding of how vital a role prompt and efficient customer service plays in providing an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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